VSand v1.2.4

This minor version focus on technical improvements, under the hood:

  • Review of the building process to keep the different modules of the game in different pieces. This allow to take benefit of the patch system of Itch.io. In other words: when you'll update the game using the Itch Application, only the modified modules will be downloaded.
  • Update of the embedded JRE: v11.0.4+11-Openj9-0.15.1.
  • VSand now runs with -Xshareclasses option (from Openj9), allowing faster game start.
  • Faster RNG: ThreadLocalRandom.


VSand windows 30 MB
Version 1.2.4 Jul 23, 2019
VSand linux 29 MB
Version 1.2.4 Jul 23, 2019

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