A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

This game is a rewrite of the Falling Sand game, with Vulkan.

Since that kind of game requires a lot of computing power (almost 1 million particles at 60 fps), I wanted to exploit the graphic card capabilities to process the particles (parallel computing).

If you have some suggestions for new materials, don't hesitate to add a comment here, on itch.io. Even better: you can also open an issue on github, and describe precisely your idea (how the material will interact with its environment). I'll do my best to implement the best ideas!

If you like the game, and want to buy me a coffee, you can do a Paypal donation.


Here some materials you can find in the game:


To launch the game, you only need to install a recent graphic driver supporting Vulkan 1.0 (see this table).

If you find a bug, please consider opening an issue on github.


Since the game rely a lot on the Compute capabilities of your graphic card, VSand can be launched in a benchmark mode to compute a score of your computer. You'll find the run scipts in the "benchmark" folder (in the game directory). On linux, I advise you to run it with a console, to see your score once the benchmark is over.

Note: the score can vary a lot between different versions of the game.


VSand windows 30 MB
Version 1.3.6 10 days ago
VSand linux 29 MB
Version 1.3.6 10 days ago

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